High Gloss Sealer Reviews

There are several types of sealers that can be used to achieve a high gloss finish on concrete, brick, stone, pavers, and aggregate. The best high gloss sealer for your application will depend on what you are sealing, the location of the substrate being sealed, and the condition of the substrate.

The most popular type of high gloss sealer is an acrylic sealer.  High gloss acrylic sealers can be applied to interior and exterior surfaces with little to no surface preparation. The two main categories of high gloss acrylic sealers are water based acrylic sealers and solvent based acrylic sealers.

  • High gloss water based acrylic sealers are available in clear and will enhance the surface with a high gloss. The surface being sealed will experience little to no change in color. Water based acrylic sealers usually can’t be colored, and non-slip additives can’t be added because the material itself is very thin. Adding color or non-slip additives can result in one ugly mess.
  • High gloss solvent based acrylic sealers are available in clear and color options. They will darken the surface being sealed, giving it a similar appearance to being wet. Non-slip additives can be added to solvent based acrylic sealers to help add more surface traction when wet.

Those aren’t the only differences between water and solvent based acrylic sealers. Another large difference between the two is maintenance. Water based acrylics need to be screen sanded, and in some cases removed, in order to repair or recoat. They aren’t self-priming and won’t bond without surface preparation. Solvent based acrylic sealers however are very different. They can easily be replaired with Xylene and when it comes time to recoat, you simply put a fresh coat down on a clean and dry surface.

Reviews of the Best High Gloss Acrylic Sealers:

High gloss acrylic sealers can be applied to both interior and exterior surfaces. If you are looking for a stronger coating, or a coating that can withstand exposure to chemicals and acids, then you want an Epoxy or Urethane coating. These types of coatings can only be applied to interior concrete and require lots of surface preparation. For more information, view our articles on Best Garage Floor Coatings.

Photos of High Gloss Sealers: