Best Concrete Densifiers

Inside of Concrete Pores

Concrete densifiers penetrate deep into the surface of the concrete where they chemically react to form a permanent calcium silicate hydrate barrier within the pores. The results are permanent, and the barrier formed within the pores can only be removed when the concrete itself is removed.

Types of Concrete Densifiers

The two most common types of concrete densifiers are sodium silicate densifiers and lithium silicate densifiers. Sodium silicate densifiers are a cost effective alternative to lithium silicate densifiers, but lithium silicate densifiers offer faster reaction times. The results of a sodium and lithium silicate sealer are identical. Sodium and lithium silicate sealers simply create a chemical reaction within the pores. Once the chemical reaction takes place, all that is left is the hardened barrier – not the sealer. Virtually all sodiium and lithium silicate sealers offer the same benefits, chemical reactions, and end result.

Sodium Silicate VS Lithium Silicate

If sodium silicate densifiers and lithium silicate densifiers are the same, why not buy the cheaper one? While sodium and lithium silicates have the same end result, the process in which the results are achieved vary. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Lithium silicates are known to absorb easier into both dense and porous surfaces, and react faster than sodium silicates. They are typically applied at 25% solids to concrete and are very popular in polishing applications, or applications where the concrete surface is dense.
  • Sodium silicates are commonly used in basement waterproofing applications because their dilution ratios can be adjusted to account for wet concrete. Surfaces with water issues need a higher concentration of sealer where as dry and porous surfaces need a lower concentration. They are also popular floor hardeners and driveway hardeners.

Best Sodium Silicate Concrete Densifiers

Sodium silicate concrete densifiers are available in both concentrated and pre-diluted forms. Concentrated sodium silicates are more cost effective, and the dilution ratio can be adjusted based on the job requirements. For example, concrete that is allowing water to come up through the pores may need a higher concentration, while old and porous concrete may need a lower concentration. Pre-diluted materials cost more because you have to pay for the water to be added to the sealer, and pay to have the water shipped. While concentrated sodium silicate concrete densifiers are more popular, diluted sodium silicate densifiers are convenient if clean water is not available during the time of application.

Best Lithium Silicate Concrete Densifiers

Lithium silicate concrete densifiers are available in both concentrated and pre-diluted forms. Concentrated lithium silicates are the most cost effective, but pre-diluted densifiers are convenient if clean water isn’t available at the location where the sealer will be applied.