Xylene Based Concrete Sealers

Xylene based concrete sealers are concrete sealers that use Xylene, or a Xylene-like solvent, as the carrying agent.

The most common type of xylene based concrete sealer is a solvent based acrylic sealers. Solvent based acrylic sealers are great sealers for protecting and enhancing concrete with a wet look, low gloss, or high gloss finish. They are easy to apply, and even easier to maintain. If the acrylic sealer ever needs to be repaired, it can easily be repaired with Xylene. When the acrylic sealer needs to be recoated, you simply put more down on a clean and dry surface. Xylene based concrete sealers are self-priming and self-adhering, making them the most popular type of acrylic concrete sealer.

Best Xylene Based Concrete Sealers:

What does Xylene do to an existing solvent based concrete sealer? If you apply Xylene to the surface of a Xylene based concrete sealer, the Xylene will break down the acrylic and cause it to re-emulsify. Once the acrylic is transformed back into a liquid material, it we re-harden and cure.

Can you remove an acrylic sealer with Xylene? If you use enough of it, yes you can. It will just take some elbow grease and a heated pressure washer.

Can I put Xylene on a water based acrylic? No you can’t. The Xylene will attack the water based acrylic and cause the acrylic sealer¬†to fail and delaminate.