Best Densifiers

Concrete densifiers increase the density of the concrete by filling in the concrete pores with a calcium silicate hydrate barrier. The barrier formed is permanent and can only be removed when the concrete itself is removed. Concrete densifiers are used to reduce concrete dusting, and reduce deterioration caused by surface abrasion. They are also used to reduce the movement of water up through the pores of the concrete, and increase the gloss level of the concrete during the polishing process.

Best Sodium Silicate Concrete Densifiers

Sodium silicate densifiers are commonly used on porous concrete. Sodium silicates keep costs low by requiring less material because they have a larger molecule size and fill larger pores more easily. They are commonly used to seal concrete driveways, basement walls and floors, warehouse and concrete floors.

Best Lithium Silicate Concrete Densifiers

Lithium silicate densifiers are commonly used on dense concrete surfaces, or polished concrete. They have a smaller molecule size and penetrate dense surfaces easier than sodium silicates do. They are fast acting and perform well on applications where job time is limited. They are commonly used to seal garage floors, concrete and warehouse floors, kennel floors, and more.