How Much Does It Cost To Seal Concrete?

How much does it cost to seal concrete? It costs anywhere from $0.50 to $8.00 per square foot to seal concrete. Price will depend heavily on the type of concrete sealer being applied, the person applying the concrete sealer, and the size of concrete being sealed. Below is a breakdown of what it costs to seal concrete.

Cost of Applying a Concrete Sealer

The largest difference in concrete sealing costs is the applicator. If you are sealing the concrete yourself then you don’t have to pay a contractor. If you are hiring a contractor to seal your concrete then you need to account for their fees which will range from $1.25-$8.00/square foot.

If you are applying a concrete sealer yourself then you only need to account for the materials needed to apply the sealer. Penetrating sealers and acrylic sealers can be applied with a 3/8-1/2″ nap roller or a high volume low pressure pump sprayer. You will also need gloves, a roller tray (if a roller was used), and a 5 gallon pail (if you are required to mix material). On average, application materials will cost anywhere from $10-$50 depending on the quality of materials you purchase. If you need to wear a respirator mask, that will drive up the cost an additional $25-$40.

For sealers that require surface preparation (epoxy and urethane coatings) you will also need to take into consideration the cause of acid to etch the concrete, or the cost to rent a floor grinding machine. Acids are fairly cheap and floor grinder rentals run $150/day plus the cost of the pads.

Cost of the Concrete Sealer

The cost of the concrete sealer will depend on the type and brand of sealer you choose. Penetrating and acrylic sealers have a lower cost, while epoxy and urethane sealers come at a higher cost. Aside from the initial cost, you want to consider the cost to recoat. Penetrating sealers last longer and require less maintenance making them the most affordable type of concrete sealer. Most penetrating sealers last for 7-10 years, or longer. Acrylic sealers need to be recoated every 1-5 years, epoxy coatings every 3-6 years, and urethane coatings every 10.

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