What is a Wet Look Concrete Sealer?

The Best Wet Look Concrete Sealers

What is a wet look concrete sealer? There are two different types of wet look concrete sealers. There are solvent based acrylic sealers that darken the concrete to make it look wet, and there are water based acrylic sealers that won’t darken the concrete, but will enhance it with a gloss.

So why do manufactures call it a wet look sealer if it doesn’t make the concrete look wet? Great question,Wet Look Concrete Sealer but unfortunately we don’t have the answer to that. Manufacturers have created a lot of confusion in the sealer world by misusing the phrase, “wet look”. For example, BEHR has a Wet Look Sealer. It is called a wet look sealer, it is branded as a wet look sealer – everything about it screams “wet look sealer”. When homeowners go to apply the sealer however, they are often confused as to why their concrete wasn’t darkened to make it look wet. That is because BEHR is a water based acrylic sealer and water based acrylic sealers don’t darken the concrete. To BEHR, “wet look” means “gloss”. Then you have the Armor AR350 Wet Look Sealer. The Armor AR350 sealer is a solvent based acrylic sealer that contains resins designed to specifically darken the concrete. If you like what your concrete looks like when wet, you will like the AR350. It is a true wet look sealer. It is also available in a higher gloss formula as the Armor AR500. To Foundation Armor, “wet look” means “make the concrete look wet”.

Photo credit: Foundation Armor

Best Wet Look Sealers

Which wet look sealer is the best wet look sealer is best for you depends on what you define a wet look sealer to be. If you want a gloss but don’t want the surface to darken, then you want a water based acrylic sealer. If you want the surface to darken and want a gloss, then you want a solvent based acrylic sealer.

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