What is the Best Way to Clean Concrete?

What is the best way to clean concrete? There are several methods that can be used to clean concrete. The best method for cleaning concrete will depend on the type of concrete stains, the current condition of the concrete, and the sealer that will be applied to the concrete once sealed.

Best Way To Clean Concrete

The easiest way to clean concrete is with a pressure washer. Heated pressure washers will do a better job at removing deep stains, but pressure washing in general is the best way to clean concrete. Pressure washing can help to remove:

  • Dirt and environment stains
  • Moss, mold, mildew, and algae
  • Gum stains

There are a few different attachments that can be used. As shown in this video, the first attachment is called a Turbo or Rotary nozzle. These types of nozzles add power to the spray capacity by creating a circular spray pattern. The extra agitation magnifies the cleaning power. This tool isn’t required, but it add that much more power to the cleaning process. The second attachment is just a spray nozzle (most common). Spray nozzles allow for a directed flow of water.


Oil, gas, and rust stains can sometimes be removed with a pressure washer, but in severe cases, a cleaner will need to be used. Oil Lift is a great product for removing tough stains like oil. A second great choice for cleaning concrete is Purple Power.

Do I have to use a pressure washer? No. Not all concrete requires a pressure washer. Pressure washers simply make cleaning concrete easy. If your concrete is fairly clean, and there aren’t any stains on the concrete, you can usually rinse the concrete with the sprayer on your house, and spot treat where necessary.

How To Maintain Clean Concrete

Once the concrete has been cleaned, and has had a chance to dry, it is important to seal the concrete. Sealing the concrete will help to maintain a clean surface, and make cleaning the concrete easier. The best type of concrete sealer to use on concrete is a water repellent sealer.

Water repellent sealers won’t change the look or color of the concrete. They cause water and other liquids to bead of the surface, and help to reduce staining and deterioration caused by water absorption. Want to read more about concrete sealers? View our Types of Concrete Sealers article.