How To Rejuvenate Dull or Faded Pavers

Over time, pavers will lose their coloring from exposure to the sun and surface abrasion. The faded look doesn’t have to be permanent. If you are looking to rejuvenate dull or faded pavers, simply seal them with a solvent based acrylic sealer.

The resins contained in solvent based acrylic sealers are designed to darken and enhance dull and faded pavers. They will darken the pavers to make them look wet, and in some cases, enhance with a gloss.

Best Wet Look Paver Sealer Reviews

A few things about wet look sealers:

  1. Solvent based acrylic sealers can only be applied to unsealed pavers, or pavers previously sealed with a solvent based acrylic sealer. Solvent based acrylic sealers can’t be applied to pavers previously sealed with a water based acrylic sealer unless the water based acrylic sealer has been completely removed. If you apply a solvent based acrylic over a water based acrylic sealer, the solvent based acrylic will attack the water based, resulting in coating failure.
  2. While solvent based acrylic sealers will darken the pavers to make them look wet, a low to high gloss may be hard to achieve simply because of the porosity. Typically, more coats will get you closer to a gloss finish, but you don’t want to apply too many coats beyond three for issues with breathability.
  3. Two coats are suggested for a consistent wet look finish. One coat, when applied to pavers, can leave dark and light areas. Two coats will ensure a nice consistent wet look.
  4. You can use a sprayer or a roller to apply wet look sealers. If you are using a sprayer, be sure to use a low pressure sprayer and don’t let the tip touch the surface.
  5. Wet look sealers should be applied to pavers that are completely dry. Do not apply a paver sealer to wet pavers, or you will end up with blushing and delamination.

Wet Look Sealers Without The Gloss

There are a few products on the market that will darken the pavers without leaving behind a surface film. They won’t darken the pavers as much as a solvent based acrylic sealer, but they will provide some enhancement. They can be applied to unsealed pavers and can’t be applied over sealers previously sealed with an acrylic sealer.

These enhancer sealers typically double as water repellent sealers and have a silicone base. Here are a few enhancer sealers to look into: