Eco Friendly Concrete Sealers

Eco Friendly Concrete Sealer

Eco-friendly concrete sealers are concrete sealers that are considered to be environmentally friendly because of their water-based formula. Water based concrete sealers have little to no VOC content, and don’t release as many harmful chemicals into the air. Now don’t get too excited! Just because they are water based doesn’t mean that you can water your grass of flowers with them, or fill your fish bowl with sealer and expect it to survive. ┬áIt simply means that their impact on the O-Zone is kept to a minimal.

The three most common eco friendly concrete sealers are concrete densifiers, water based water repellent sealers, and water based acrylic sealers.

Silicate Concrete Sealers Water Repellent Concrete Sealers Acrylic Concrete Sealers
Won’t change the look of the concrete Won’t change the look of the concrete Enhances with a wet look or gloss
Works entirely below the surface Works entirely below the surface Leaves a visible surface film
Apply only once Recoat every 5-7 years Recoat every 1-3 years
Increase strength of concrete Repels surface water Protects surface against staining
Reduces dusting and spalling Reduces staining and deterioration Stops dusting, staining, deterioration

Concrete densifiers increase the strength and density of the concrete, water repellent sealers repel surface water and other liquids, and acrylic sealers enhance the look and color of the concrete. To learn more about each type of sealer, and which sealers are the best in their category, use the links below: