Armor S2000

Review of the Armor S2000 Concrete Sealer

Armor S2000 sodium silicate concrete sealer product review. Ratings and reviews of the Armor S2000 sodium silicate concrete sealer.


The Armor S2000 sodium silicate concrete sealer is a concentrated sodium silicate concrete sealer designed to increase the strength and density of the concrete in order to resist dusting and surface abrasion. Prior to applying, the Armor S2000 needs to be diluted with 3 parts water.

Dustproofs concrete You have to dilute with water before applying
Increases surface strength  Available online only
Water-based for low odor
Lasts forever
Won’t leave surface coating
Reduces movement of water through pores

The Armor S2000 sodium silicate concrete sealer is a great option is you are looking for a cost effective silicate sealer. It is one of the only silicate based concrete sealers on the market that comes in concentrate, which significantly reduces product and shipping costs. One gallon of the Armor S2000 sealer is diluted with 3 gallons of water to make 4 usable gallons. At only $64.95, this product is definately considered cost effective.

The company claims another benefit to purchasing the sealer in concentrate is that it can be diluted with more or less water to adapt to specific situations – such as extremely porous or dense surfaces, or surfaces with water issues.

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