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Review of the Ashford Formula

Ashford Formula concrete sealer review. Ratings and reviews of the Ashford Formula concrete sealer.

Product Description

The Ashford Formula appears to be a Densifier that also offers cure and seal abilities. The website is unclear as to exactly what the product is derived from, but the company suggests it can be used on virtually all concrete floors to increase the strength and density of the concrete. The product can be applied directly out of the pail (it comes pre-diluted with water), and once fully cured, will last for up to 20 years. The product will not leave behind a film or coating on the surface, and it won’t change the look or color of the concrete.


Pros and Cons

Dustproofs concrete You pay for water
Increases surface strength Limited availability
Water-based for low odor Low coverage
Lasts 20 years Expensive
Won’t leave surface coating

The concrete sealer industry is constantly evolving. Companies are coming out with cost effective options for sealers that once dominated the market. Like with many silicate manufacturers, the Ashford Formula sells a pre-diluted silicate which means you pay for water that you can get from your tap, and you pay to ship the water. A new trend in the industry is concentrated silicates, like the S2000. These types of products offer the same benefits, but they leave the water dilution up to the consumer. Simply add water onsite and apply. This reduces shipping costs, product costs, time to ship, and overall product cost. The one benefit that stands out with the Ashford Formula however is its ability to densify, harden, and cure the concrete. Most silicates are used as hardeners and Densifiers, but they don’t all offer curing benefits.

The Ashford Formula is a popular option for industrial and commercial clients, especially if polishing is involved.

Third Party Reviews

The Ashford Formula is not sold online, therefore no reviews are available.

Where to Buy

Direct from the company over the phone. They have locations worldwide.

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