Drylok Natural Look Sealer

Drylok Natural Look concrete sealer review. Ratings and reviews of the Drylok Natural Look concrete sealer.

Product Description

Drylok Natural Look Sealer is a water based clear acrylic/latex sealer. It will leave behind a visible coating on the surface. For a true natural look sealer, or a sealer that will leave the concrete looking natural and unsealed, consider these:

Pros and Cons

Water Based Low Solids
Cheap Hard to Maintain
Repels water Poor Adhesion
Easy to apply  NOT a sealer

Drylok Natural Look sealer is a clear acrylic/latex coating. There are no reviews posted online for this particular product, but latex sealers in general can pose many issues. Latex sealers can have issues with adhesion, and removing/reapplying them can be a lot of work. In many cases, latex sealers need to be removed because recoating them can cause issues with the overall appearance. Before purchasing this product and applying it to a large area, a sample should be purchased and the product should be applied to a test area.

Better alternatives: Water or solvent based pure acrylic concrete sealer (below), or a water repellent sealer (above).

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