Eagle Natural Seal

Eagle Natural Seal Concrete Sealer

Eagle Natural Seal Concrete sealer review. Ratings and reviews of the Eagle Natural Seal concrete sealer.

Product Description:

Eagle Natural Seal is a penetrating Silane-Siloxane sealer for concrete. Eagle Natural Seal protects concrete from salts, freeze/thaw, chemicals and other elements and by a combination of deep-penetrating silane and surface-protecting siloxane barriers. Sealed concrete will bead water and look dry even when wet.

The Eagle Natural Seal sealer can be applied with a roller or sprayer at roughly 200 square feet per gallon.


Dry looking when wet Low solids/chemical content
Limits salt damage Limited life
Limits ice damage Performance limitations
Repels water Requires multiple coats
Won’t leave surface coating
Water-based for low odor

Silane-Siloxane sealers in general are great sealers. They reduce water absorption on the surface and help to reduce deterioration caused by water, salt, snow and ice. If you are looking for a fast and affordable seal, Eagle Natural Seal is a great choice.

If you are looking for something industrial, Eagle Natural Seal is not the best sealer in its category. With only a 5-8% active chemical content, the Eagle Natural Seal is mostly water. Customers that have posted a review fewer than 3 stars on Home Depot have noted that on porous surfaces, such as brick and pavers, they need as many as 4-6 coats before water starts to bead, if at all. The low solids solution also contributes to a lower life and limited performance over time.

Third Party Reviews:

Eagle Natural Sealer is a highly rated product, with an average rating of 4 stars on Home Depot and an average rating of 4 stars on Amazon.

Where to Buy:

Eagle Natural Sealer is currently available from Home Depot ($20.40) and Amazon ($20.40).


Alternative Products:

As previously mentioned, if you are looking for an affordable and easy to apply water repellent sealer then the Eagle Natural Seal sealer is a great choice. If you are looking for something a bit more industrial, or that has more active chemical content, then you want to consider the Armor SX5000 WB or the Prosoco SL40.