Seal-Krete Clear Seal

Seal-Krete Concrete Sealer review. Ratings and reviews of the Seal-Krete High Gloss Concrete Sealer.

Product Description

Seal-Krete high gloss concrete sealer is a solvent based acrylic sealer designed to enhance concrete with a high gloss finish.

Pros and Cons

Solvent Based Low Solids
Cheap Breaks down fast
Can Buy In-Store Requires yearly recoat
Easy to apply Imported Recycled Resins

The Seal-Krete high gloss concrete sealer is a great sealer if you are looking for a cheap, easy to apply sealer that will leave a nice high gloss finish.

When it comes to the formula, Seal-Krete uses imported recycled resins from China. For this reason, the product breaks down fairly quickly and will need to be re-coated every year. It is not suggested for use on porous substrates (such as brick), or on substrates where moisture is present.

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