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Review of Stone Technologies X1 Sealer

Stone Technologies Concrete Sealer X-1 product review. Ratings and reviews of the Stone Technologies Concrete Sealer X-1.


The Stone Technologies Concrete Sealer X-1 is a pre-diluted sodium silicate concrete sealer designed to increase the strength and density of the concrete in order to resist dusting and surface abrasion.

Dustproofs concrete You pay for water
Increases surface strength Low solids
Cures concrete  Imported from China
Comes with warranty
Won’t leave surface coating
Water-based for low odor

The Stone Technologies Concrete Sealer X-1 is a great option is you are looking for a fairly cheap silicate based concrete sealer. It is easily applied with a roller and pump sprayer, and helps to reduce dusting and increase surface strength. The product comes with a satisfaction guarantee and can be purchased for $145. The downfall with the Stone Technologies Concrete Sealer X-1 is that is has a low level of active materials. More than two coats may be required, especially on porous surfaces. The product also comes pre-diluted water which means you pay for water, and you pay to ship water.

The company also posts a heavy presence internationally with a smaller focus on their US brand. Based on the information posted on their website it would appear the product is imported from China.

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Online direct through Stone Technologies.

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