Best Wet Look Stone Sealers

Best Stone Sealers

The best wet look stone sealer will depend on the type of stone you are trying to seal and what you want the stone to look like once sealed.

There are two primary types of sealers for exterior surfaces. The first is an acrylic sealer and the second is a water repellent sealer. Acrylic sealers leave behind a visible surface film usually in the form of a gloss, and water repellent sealers work entirely below the surface and won’t leave behind a visible surface film. Some water repellent sealers will leave the look of the stone unchanged, and some of the water repellent sealers will darken the surface of the stone to enhance and darken the color.

Acrylic sealers can be applied to exposed aggregate (which is stone encased in concrete), but they should not be applied to most other types of stone. Natural stone, granite, and flagstone are very porous. They allow for large amounts of water and moisture to pass through. When you apply a coating that is sensitive to moisture, the moisture will push through causing the coating to peel. We all would love to see a high gloss stone wall, but the failure rate and not usually worth the risk. If you decide to use an acrylic sealer, consider applying it to a test area first. Most acrylic sealers will fail on stone within the first week to two months. In the rare event they do succeed, you will have to repair and recoat annually. For acrylic sealer suggestions, view our Acrylic Sealer Review article.

Back to water repellent sealers. Water repellent sealers are the best type of sealers to use on stone. Under the water repellent category there are penetrating water repellents that won’t change the look or color of the stone, and enhancing water repellents which will darken the stone to give it a similar appearance to being wet. Click on the articles below for the top rated products under each category: